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It’s been said that a bike crash is like jumping out of a car in your underwear at 35 mph. An old statistic says that the average cyclist hits the deck once every 2000 miles. I accepted injuries as an unpleasant but inevitable consequence of a dangerous sport, but on July 20, 2008, I was involved in a dramatic crash that changed everything.

As the peleton swung around the last corner in a dash for the line, a rider dove hard across my front wheel, and I slammed into the pavement at 35 mph. I hit my head first, cracking my helmet in six spots, and then struck my pelvis, which snapped in two places.

The ER doctor told me I had less than a 50% chance of surviving an accident that severe.

From that life-changing moment I set out to find a way to reduce crash injuries. Through months of analysis, swatch tests, prototypes and field tests, I developed a solution. Hoplite Armor™ is our patent-pending technology that uses a painstakingly engineered system of sliding fabric layers, strategically placed on the highest risk body locations: elbows, shoulders, back, hips, thighs and knees. We named it Hoplite Armor™ after the revolutionary fighting armor of the ancient Greeks.

At Pegasus Performance, our goal is simple: to provide you with top shelf cycling apparel that helps reduce your post-crash pain, getting you back into competition more quickly, without compromising the performance you expect from a race kit. You train hard, you care meticulously about your gear, and you hoard watts wherever you can find them. We are here to serve you.

Take a look at our standard product portfolio, and if you want something truly unique and exclusive to you, we can engineer a product to your specifications.

I am Jason Dieffenbacher. I started racing bicycles at twelve and never looked back. While not born with the genetic gift to be a standout athlete, I found a love for cycling and running that has only grown stronger every year.

Trained as a mechanical engineer, I started my working life by designing aerospace sensors. Later, I joined a small company that developed advanced coating technologies for military garments. My 2008 racing crash took my life in a new direction, and Pegasus was born.