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Manifesto™ Super Warmers™
MSRP: $80

Cyclists are particular about their knees, as well they should. A typical 6-hour ride would see you turn the cranks 32K times. Except for races, serious riders are rarely without some coverage on their knees to keep the cold out and avoid injuries. Knees have to withstand the huge forces of turning the pedals, but they are a fragile and finite resource. They must be protected at all costs.

Designed to reduce road rash abrasions from crashes.
We developed our MANIFESTO™ Knee Protectors with our patent-pending Hoplite Armor™ technology to help you keep a little more skin when you crash. Just like our Arm Protectors, we have engineered these for versatility. Comfortable enough for an entire race, they can also be tucked into your jersey pocket and pulled on as the danger level (a.k.a. Sketchiness Quotient) warrants. The inner layer is the same stuff we use in our bib shorts: a silky, Italian-made POWER nylon woven on 40-gauge looms. What made this nylon a cut above, though, was its coldblack® treatment. coldblack® is an exotic heat-reflecting coating that keeps dark fabrics 9ºF (5ºC) COOLER on the skin than identical untreated fabrics. If you thought knee coverage was only for three season wear, think again. The outer layer is a top shelf Italian-made polyester fabric, Asteria. It is thinner than the Shield material we use on our shorts for the same purpose, but we went with something light and stretchy for the Knee Protectors.

Pick your inner-knee material.
For the insides of your knees, we give you a choice of fabrics. You can select a nylon version, using the same power nylon we spec in our shorts, complete with the heat-reflecting coldblack® treatment—a great choice for all-around use. Or you can choose a version with a polyester mesh to use when the summer sun is at its hottest.

• Italian-made SUPERROUBAIX® fabric
• Hoplite Armor™ technology on outer edges of arms using waffled polyester fabric to reduce road rash
• Internal seams for less sliding friction, less aerodynamic drag
• Silicone-coated elastic grippers
• Available in full-length and three-quarter versions
• Inner knee ultrafast drying Flash

Hoplight Armor™coldblack®