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Manifesto™ Super Warmers™
MSRP: $175

Jerseys don’t get the respect that they deserve. The WORKHORSE of the cycling kit, the jersey does more than simply hide our shriveled upper bodies and permanently etch tan lines into our skin. Its rear pockets carry everything from keys, phones and race radios to food, tubes, tools, spare clothing, and the occasional can of WHOOPASS. The zipper is our own personal THERMOSTAT. And it can serve as a billboard for our SPONSORS, the folks that pay our bills. But those are all the things that you expect from your jersey now; there is so much more a jersey should be and do. We set out to make a jersey that raises your EXPECTATIONS.

Our MANIFESTO™ Jersey was painstakingly ENGINEERED to reduce skin ABRASIONS from road rash without sacrificing fit and performance. In a technology we call Hoplite Armor™, we layered two different fabrics on the arms, shoulders and outer edges of the back to reduce the severity of road rash in high risk areas. We tested dozens of fabrics in a dizzying array of combinations and orientations to determine what provided the best protection with the lowest heat stress to maximize COMFORT.

The outer fabric is a polyester-elastane waffle with the right amount of stretch. Even though the jersey has a race cut, it doesn’t give you a claustrophobic panic attack when you zip up. The inner fabric is something special: a hybrid textile with polyester against the skin for moisture wicking and nylon outside for rapid drying. It is treated with coldblack®, an advanced treatment that reflects heat and creates a skin interface temperature approximately 9ºF (5ºC) cooler than the equivalent untreated fabric. Better heat management means your body can perform better. It’s an amazing fabric a geek can really appreciate.

We developed the sleeves to be as smooth and UNWRINKLED as possible in the riding position, resulting in a sleeve that is both more AERO and slides better on the pavement. Virtually all other jerseys are produced with the arms parallel to the body, mimicking our standing position, but this causes the sleeves to bunch up when riding. Pegasus eliminated this problem by rotating the sleeves so the arms point straight out from the body. MANIFESTO™ might look unconventional on the rack, but it looks PRO on the bike where it counts.

As with almost everything we make, we prefer not to use flatlock seams. Our approach to product design is to engineer every detail for PERFORMANCE first. Cleanly serged seams have LESS SLIDING FRICTION because there are no external threads to snag on the pavement, and have LESS AERODYNAMIC DRAG to conserve watts—check any pro speedsuit and you have all the proof you need.

• Hoplite Armor™: patent-pending dual-layered construction on shoulders and outside edges of back
• Internal pieces made from ultrafast drying Flash fabric, treated with coldblack® to keep temperature at the skin interface cooler
• Sleeve attachment perpendicular to body for wrinkle- and bunch-free fit while riding
• Race cut with internal stitching for watt-saving aerodynamics
• Full-length zipper
• 3 rear pockets
• Euro pro collar


Hoplight Armor™coldblack®