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Manifesto™ Super Warmers™
MSRP: $275

Out of the three key contact points with the bike, the saddle interface is arguably the most important. Let’s spell it out: long days in the saddle put a lot of pressure on your UNDERCARRIAGE, causing NUMBNESS and a certain lack of function nobody likes to imagine. Your body will bounce back from one long day in the saddle, but if the bike is a way of life for you, it is vital to INVEST in a good pair of shorts. Nobody wants to visit the doctor’s office to request a lifetime supply of those little blue pills.

The CHAMOIS is the literal foundation of the shorts, and we were absolutely UNCOMPROMISING about its quality and performance when we engineered our MANIFESTO™ shorts. We selected the best LONG-DISTANCE chamois on the market, the Multi-D Anatomic Carbonium by CyTech. If you have ever slipped on a pair of some of the TOP-SHELF offerings by brands like Assos and Rapha, this chamois needs no introduction. The ELASTIC STRETCH chamois has three different padding thicknesses ranging from 3mm at the nose to 10mm at the tail, with densities ranging from 60 kg/m3 to 120 kg/m3. The Carbonium fabric cover includes a honeycomb weave of naturally BACTERIOSTATIC carbon fibers. Translation: nasty bacteria does not proliferate on your nether regions. This chamois is a MASTERPIECE of engineering. We would not sacrifice our JOY for the bike and erectile health for the shortsighted sake of a few dollars.

Each leg consists of 5 panels. We picked a silky, Italian-made POWER nylon woven on 40-gauge looms, with good COMPRESSION specs. What made this nylon stand out from the competition, though, was its coldblack® treatment. coldblack® is an exotic heat-reflecting treatment that keeps dark fabrics 9°F (5°C) COOLER on the skin than identical untreated fabrics. Heat management is critical for optimal athletic PERFORMANCE. Enough said.

We incorporated our patent-pending Hoplite Armor™ technology on the outer thigh panel to help REDUCE ROAD RASH abrasions from crashes. Here, we added a layer of Italian-made SHIELD polyester power fabric. It is strategically placed to cover the highest abrasion risk areas: the thigh and hip.

The MANIFESTO’s bib straps are not simply an afterthought. We chose a BUTTER-SOFT Swiss-made eyelet fabric that feels like the cycling equivalent of an L.L. Bean flannel shirt. The INNOVATIVE textile incorporates CARBON FIBERS which bring weird science to sports apparel. The carbon facilitates BETTER HEAT MANAGEMENT, which in turn helps LOWER OXYGEN CONSUMPTION by 3 liters per minute, LOWER HEART RATE by 4 beats per minute, and LOWER LACTIC ACID in the blood by approximately 12%. It’s a design touch whose benefits far outweigh the modest extra expense.

So the next time you open your wallet for a pair of shorts, THINK CAREFULLY about what to buy, and why some brands cost more than others. We have LABORED over every component and aspect of our MANIFESTO™ bib shorts, and we stand behind the finished product. We are confident you will be pleased with our ENGINEERING.

• Italian-made SUPERROUBAIX® fabric
• Hoplite Armor™ technology on outer edges of arms with Asteria fabric to reduce road rash
• Internal seams for less sliding friction, less aerodynamic drag
• Silicone-coated elastic grippers

Hoplight Armor™coldblack®