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Manifesto™ Super Warmers™
MSRP: $75

Our base layer does two important jobs. First, it uses lightweight Ariane polyester mesh to wick away moisture while feeling light and cool. Second, ultra-fast drying Flash fabric panels treated with coldblack® on the arms and edges of the back provide unrivaled thermoregulation while helping to reduce road rash.

When we engineered our MANIFESTO™ jersey, we built it as a system, selecting fabrics that harmonize in a way that’s difficult to do justice to in words—it’s something you have to see to understand. Our Base Layer borrows the same Flash material and integrates it into a single-layer garment that works with your existing jersey to reduce road rash injuries through our patent-pending multi-layered technology.

We also used the MANIFESTO™ jersey’s unique sleeve attachment technique, by sewing the sleeves perpendicular to the torso to mimic your riding position. This makes for a more comfortable base layer with fewer wrinkles that can bunch up in a crash. Shirts of all types have long been sewn with the sleeves parallel to the torso because that’s the neutral standing position; nobody ever thought to rotate the sleeves to suit the bike racer’s low tuck.

The MANIFESTO™ base layer has race-cut tailoring, designed to fit like it’s painted on. Does a proper race kit come any other way?

• Ariane mesh fabric on front and spine
• Exotic Swiss-made Flash fabric on shoulders & outer edges of back for enhanced thermoregulation and reduced road rash when paired with a traditional cycling jersey
• Flash fabric treated with coldblack® to reduce temperature at the skin-fabric interface by approximately 5ºC (9ºF) compared to the same untreated black fabric.
• Internal seams for less sliding friction
• Sleeves attached 90º to body for best fit & fewest wrinkles in cycling position
• Race-cut tailoring