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Manifesto™ Super Warmers™
MSRP: $70

Arm warmers are the UBIQUITOUS cycling accessory. Everyone owns a pair, or two, or three, or many more. Until this moment, they have served a singular purpose: to keep the chill at bay so we can throw a leg over the bike when the weather objects to such dedication. Behold, a NEW DAY DAWNS.

Designed to reduce road rash abrasions from crashes.
We use our patent-pending Hoplite Armor™ technology on the outer edge of each arm to help REDUCE ROAD RASH abrasions from crashes. The outer material is a polyester waffle knit, while the inner material is an exotic Swiss-made fabric, Flash, which uses polyester yarn against the skin for wicking, and nylon yarn on the outside for rapid drying. The Flash textile is treated with coldblack®, which reflects the heat and helps lower the temperature at the skin interface by 9ºF (5ºC).

We built these things to be VERSATILE.  You can wear them from start to finish of an event, or simply tuck them in your back pocket until you approach the dicey closing kilometers. And you can use them as ordinary late-spring / early fall warmers. Great for the ‘cross season.

Choose your length.
We produce arm warmers in 2 lengths: traditional full length, or 3/4 if you like to feel the breeze on your forearms.

Pick your inner-arm material.
For most conditions we recommend our Flash option. It has unrivaled thermoregulation properties and dries ultrafast. If you live in extreme heat, give our Ariane versions a try. This lightweight polyester mesh is ideal when the pavement starts to melt under searing heat.

• Hoplite Armor™ technology on outer edges of arms using waffled polyester fabric to reduce road rash
• Internal seams for less sliding friction, less aerodynamic drag
• Silicone-coated elastic grippers
• Available in full-length and three-quarter versions
• Inner arm fabric choice of ultrafast drying Flash, or polyester Ariane mesh

Hoplight Armor™coldblack®